DHC-3 Otter Archive Master Index

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Our Photographers & Researchers

Credit where credit is due!

Neil Aird, Neil Ayers, Fred Barnes, Lenn Bayliss, Ian Beatty, Sheldon D. Benner, Rainer Bexten, David Brown, David A. Carter, James Court, John Cunniffe, Paul Cunniffe, Norm Denis, Don Dawson, H. Manfred Faber, Michael Fortin, Pierre Gillard, Robert S. Grant, Karl E. Hayes, Anthony J. Hickey, Rich Hulina, Ruben Husberg, Erik Johannesson, Peter Keating, John Kimberley, LAAN, Pierre Langlois, David Lednicer, MAP, Ian S. Macintosh, Ian M. Macdonald, Ken Marshall, Tim Martin, Larry Milberry, Stephen H. Miller, Bjorn Olav Mojord, Malcolm Nason, Dennis Norman, Michael J. Ody, John W. Olafson, Peck, Alain Rioux, Peter Steinemann/Skyline, Dave Stern, Kenneth I. Swartz, Henry Tenby, Gary Vincent, and Simon Watson.

Without your contributions, it would be impossible to build this website. Sincere thanks to each and everyone of you. As usual, a special shout out to "Photographer Unknown", whoever you are?