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c/n 354

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c/n 354



• 59-2216 United States Army. Delivered 04-Feb-1960. Designated as U-1A.

Initially assigned to the Atlanta General Depot, Atlanta, GA.

Dec-1961. 18th Aviation Company at Fort Riley, KS.

Mar-1962. 18th Aviation Company in Vietnam.

Jun-1966 Depot level overhaul at the Army Aeronautical Depot Maintenance Centre (ARADMAC), Corpus Christi, TX.

Sep-1966. Returned to Vietnam, Joining 18th Aviation Company.

Accident three miles west of Hue Phu Bai. 10-May-1967 Crashed in take-off from small strip and was destroyed in post impact fire, Crew and passengers escaped.

Aircraft subsequently disposed of by 79th Transportation Company.

Destroyed by fire

Otter 354 was delivered to the United States Army on 4th February 1960 with serial 59-2216 (tail number 92216). It was assigned to the Atlanta General Depot, Atlanta, Georgia but by December 1961 had been transferred to the 18th Aviation Company at Fort Riley, Kansas and it travelled with the Company to Vietnam, where it was in service with the Company in March 1962. It continued to fly for the Company in Vietnam until June 1966 when it was returned to the United States for depot level overhaul at the ARADMAC Depot, Corpus Christi, Texas and it then returned to Vietnam in September 1966 and re-joined the 18th Aviation Company.

92216 was still flying for the 18th Aviation Company when it crashed on 10th May 1967. On take- off from a Special Forces camp three miles west of Hue Phu Bai, the Otter experienced a partial power failure. The aircraft became entangled in barbed wire which was strung across the departure end of the airstrip, causing it to 'pancake' several hundred feet from the runway. Upon impact, the Otter burst into flames although crew and passengers managed to first evacuate without injury.

What little was left of the Otter was disposed of by the 79th Transportation Company, Qui Nhon.

Full current history courtesy of Karl E Hayes including detail from his CD-ROM, DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005