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c/n 321

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c/n 321



• 58-1706 US Army. Delivered 23-Mar-1959. Designated U-1A.

Initial assignment after delivery currently unknown.

Jan-1962. Assigned to 18th Aviation Company, Fort Riley, KS.

Accident: Hang Buc, Vietnam.01-Jul-1963. Crashed in gusty conditions on take-off from the airstrip. One fatality.


Otter 321 was delivered to the United States Army on 23rd March 1959 with serial 58-1706 (tail number 81706). It was assigned to the 18th Aviation Company, Fort Riley, Kansas and deployed with the Company to Vietnam in January 1962. It was destroyed in an accident at Hang Buc, Vietnam on 1st July 1963. The following extract is from the 18th Aviation Company history: “On 1st July 1963, this unit sustained its first fatal accident, when Captain Stackbauer was killed at Hang Buc in gusty turbulence on take-off from the airstrip, which has an elevation of 4,000 feet and is about 1,200 feet long. This airfield was subsequently closed to Otter operations. He was not wearing either helmet or shoulder straps and was the only one of the six on board to be killed. The others walked out although one passenger had a broken leg from the crew chief's flying tool box. The aircraft 81706 was totalled, also the first for the unit”.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005)