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c/n 319

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c/n 319



 58-1705. US Army. Delivered 16-Mar-1959. Designated as U-1A.

Assigned to the 18th Aviation Company, Fort Riley, KS.

Jan-1962. To Vietnam with the 18th Aviation Company. Based at Can Tho.

Accident Dec-1964. Details currently unknown.

Jul-1965. Removed from Army Inventory.

•  Destroyed

Otter 319 was delivered to the United States Army on 16th March 1959 with serial 58-1705 (tail number 81705). It was assigned to the 18th Aviation Company, Fort Riley, Kansas, the first Otter delivered to the Company. It flew with the rest of the Company's Otters during December 1961 from Fort Riley to Oakland, California and sailed on board the 'USNS Core' from San Francisco on 18th January 1962 en route to Vietnam. As at December 1963, 81705 was still in service with the 18th Aviation Company, coded T, based at Can Tho in support of IV Corps. The Otter was destroyed in an accident in December 1964, still serving with the 18th Aviation Company, and was deleted from the Army inventory in July 1965.

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