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c/n 313

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c/n 313



 58-1699 US Army. Delivered 03-Feb-1959.

Initially assigned to the 18th Aviation Company, Fort Ord, CA.

27-May-1963. Arrived in Vietnam for the 18th Aviation Company.

Jun-1963. Attached to the 18th Aviation Company.

Accident. Location unknown. Jan-1966. Details unknown.

Jan-1966. Passed to 611th Transportation Company for scrapping.

 58-1699 Deleted from Army inventory, Oct-1966.


Otter 313 was delivered to the United States Army on 3rd February 1959 with serial 58-1699 (tail number 81699). It was assigned to the 17th Aviation Company, Fort Ord, California and was one of eight Otters from that Company which were transferred to Vietnam in 1963 to augment the 18th Aviation Company. The eight Otters arrived on 27th May 1963 on board the 'USNS Core' and were initially taken on charge by the 339th Transportation Company. The Otters were taken to Tan Son Nhut airport, Saigon where they were re-assembled by Air Vietnam and by the end of June 1963 all were again in flying condition. 81699 joined the 18th Aviation Company in June 1963.

The Otter is mentioned once in the 18th Aviation Company history, during March 1965: “Captain Wall, 1st Lt. Atkinson and SP5 Dunagan from the Saigon Platoon aboard 699 flying a psy-war mission in the Minh Thant area received a hit in the left wing six inches from the cockpit”.  The Otter continued flying for the 18th Aviation Company until January 1966, when it suffered an accident that month. It was then handed over to the 611th Transportation Company for scrapping and was deleted from the Army inventory in October 1966.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005)