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c/n 273

C-FHPE at Vancouver, British Columbia.
Photo: John Kimberley © May 1990 - Karl E. Hayes Collection
C-FHPE at Stoney Rapids, Saskatchewan
Photo: Larry Milberry © January 1993 - Karl E. Hayes Collection
C-FHPE of TRANSWEST AIR at La Ronge, Saskatchewan.
Photos: Neil Aird © 16 September 2003

c/n 273

UB651 • 4651



• UB651 Union of Burma Air Force. Delivered 08-Dec-1958.

• 4651 Later re-named Myanmar Air Force. Post Jun-1989.

• Un-regd Trevor Ross, Vancouver. BC. Arrived in Canada Dec-1989.,

• C-FHPE Athabaska Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Based La Ronge, SK. Regd 04-May-1990. Canx 27-Nov-2000. Regd 18-Dec-2000. Canx 08-Nov-2001.

Power plant. Converted to Vazar turbine power by Aeroflite Industries at Vancouver, BC.

• C-FHPE Transwest Air Limited Partnership, by its General Partners 101008427 Sask & 101004597 Sask., Prince Albert, SK. Based La Ronge, SK. Regd 08-Nov-2001 & 24-May-2002.


Otter 273 was delivered to the Union of Burma Air Force on 8th December 1958 with serial UB651. It was one of three Otters delivered that month (273, 274 and 277), all three being packed into crates and shipped to Burma where they were re-assembled and entered service. A further six Otters were delivered to the Air Force in 1960/61. Burma was subsequently re-named Myanmar. Its Air Force aircraft were re-serialled, adopting Burmese numerals, equivalent of the old serial with a '4' prefix and deleting the UB. Thus, UB651 became 4651, depicted on the side of the aircraft in Burmese numerals.

In 1989 six of the Burmese Otters were purchased by Mr.Trevor Ross of Vancouver. Five were located at Mingaladon Air Base and one at Hmawbi Air Base. All six were shipped to Vancouver where they were stored in the Aeroflite Industries hangar at the International Airport, and offered for sale. They had arrived by December 1989. Otter 273 was sold to Athabaska Airways Ltd of La Ronge, Saskatchewan to whom it was registered C-FHPE in May 1990 and converted to a Vazar turbine. The conversion was done by Aeroflite at Vancouver. It was noted there on 7th May 1990 after the conversion had been completed, about to be delivered. It had arrived at Prince Albert by 13th May to be painted. The 'HPE' of the registration, according to the company's maintenance section, stands for 'High Priced Engine'! The Otter entered service on general charter work based at La Ronge, and was subsequently joined by the company's second turbine Otter C-FSGD (316).

When Athabaska Airways merged with La Ronge Aviation Services to form Transwest Air, with effect from 1st September 2000, both Otters became part of the Transwest fleet. C-FHPE was registered to Transwest Air Limited Partnership, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in November 2001, although remained based at La Ronge.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005)